EDEN Corfu Gathering 13.-20. August Arillas, COLIBRI GAYATRI MANDIR

Saturday 13.-20.08.22 Entrance: 7:30, Start: 8:00 COLIBRI GAYATRI MANDIR, Agiou Georgiou 490 81, Arillas

Tickets for EDEN Corfu Gathering Arillas


EDEN Corfu Gathering

A unique concept, an amazing crowd, a special place to connect.

EDEN Corfu Gathering brings you back to your own roots by offering you what most of us seem to lack most during our busy working lives these days: lots of time & space for yourself.

For an unforgettable mid-summer island experience, we decided to do things a little differently this time  Drawing from all the EDEN co-creator’s wisdom, we realized and incorporated what our body, soul and mind need most – calm & quiet, time & space. For reflection, meditation, breath, movement, rest, and play.

So, our EDEN Corfu Gathering program this August reflects just that:

  • YOGA: A daily movement impulse in the morning through delightful YOGA & QI GONG classes with a breathtaking view
  • CONCERTS: A carefully curated selection of delicious evening concerts that lift your spirits and inspire your creative mind
  • SIDE PROGRAM: A special side program for all those moments where you long for an individual addition to your days in Greek island paradise
  • DURING THE DAY: Time for yourself, to explore, exhale, experience.

With EDEN Corfu Gathering, we invite you to center yourself and reconnect with yourself and Mother Earth.

Enjoy a diverse selection of yoga classes. Rediscover the divine within by stepping on the mat each day – breathe, sweat, stretch, build roots and wings. 

Experience a unique and exquisite mélange of concerts, by artists gathering from all over the world to share their craft and talent on stage.

If you feel the call, gift yourself with some additional goodness from our healing staff (not part of the full festival ticket; you will individually connect with a guide or lecturer on the conditions for participation in their special offerings).

And in between the morning Yoga & Qi Gong classes and the evening concerts … just BE. Enjoy lots of spare time, explore the magnificent nature surrounding our gathering site, swim in the healing waters of the Ionian Sea, rest your body at its gorgeous sandy shores, fuel up with delicious local Greek food, and let your mind & heart wander to inner places you may not have connected with for way too long.

We are beyond excited to set the table for a mindful feast of movement, music, and me-time – come join us at EDEN Corfu Gathering from August 13-20, 2022, at the COLIBRI GAYATRI MANDIR in Arillas.

Take your time. Gift yourself. Root your soul.

The gathering will take place at COLIBRI GAYATRI MANDIR (which is also the new home of our AGAPE ZOE Corfu Summer Festival as of this season!). COLIBRI GAYATRI MANDIR is a magnificent seaside location on some happy, nature-bound grounds on the edge of the beautiful village of Arillas. It is brought to life by a wonderful couple, aiming to create a never seen before community space. The venue is reachable within walking distance from the beach as well as numerous restaurants and hotels.